TX Vape Barn
The premier Vape Shop of West Texas. TXVapeBarn is family owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on quality customer service. We have the largest selection around to satisfy all of your Vape needs. With over 150 flavors to try we have juice to satisfy whatever you're craving. Our staff is both knowledgeable and friendly, and here to answer any questions you might have. With the help of our customers we have now grown into 3 stores spread out across West Texas with locations in Lubbock, Snyder, and Amarillo!

We are TX Vape Barn, located in Lubbock Texas. We originally opened in Lubbock, Texas in 2011 as Texas Tobacco Barn offering an alternative to big tobacco and traditional manufactured cigarettes. In the beginning our main offering was raw leaf and strip tobacco for roll your own cigarettes, but as we continued our search for alternatives to traditional cigarettes we stumbled upon the glorious world of Vape! We now offer the widest selection of Vape products in West Texas. Now with locations in Lubbock, Snyder, and Amarillo we look to bring the experience we have gained in Lubbock to Vapers across West Texas. We offer products that suit the needs of any level of vaper, whether you have never vaped a day in your life, or been vaping for years. We are committed to offering our customers alternatives to traditional cigarettes, and educating them to the options that are out there. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and friendly staff so stop by today and let us answer any questions you may have!

Lab Made Juice
Here at TX Vape Barn we don't believe in making juice in the store. We stock our store with juice made in a laboratory in a clean and controlled environment. We do so to ensure accuracy and consistency with every bottle we sell. With us you never have to worry that your flavor will not taste the same as last time because all ingredients, flavoring, and nicotine are measured using precise laboratory equipment. You will also never have to pay for an extra shot of flavoring like other shops charge because we have all of our house juice made for us with extra flavoring!!