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Beetle Juice Mango Pineapple
Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice! A fan favorite Sweet Blue Raspberry Cotton candy you wont want to set down! A must try for anyone who likes a sweet vape!
Blue Moon Blueberry Pomegranate Cherry Limeade
Ooey gooey blueberry marshmallow!
Ripe and sweet blueberry balanced perfectly with just enough pomegranate!
Cherry Pomegranate Coconut Cream Pie Dragon Fruit
The perfect balance of Cherry & Pomegranate with a secret berry underneath
Honey Dew Lemon Blueberry Cotton Candy Sex on the Beach
Sweet Strawberry and Pineapple Citus unite, and boy do they go well together! (Vape Pro Secret: mix 75%/25% with Hypermint for a cool fruity menthol)
Strawberries and Cream Strawberry Strawberry Freeze
Strawberry Kiwi Tigers Blood Watermelon Freeze
Ripe Strawberries and Mouth Watering Kiwi come together in the perfect all day vape with just the right amount of sweetness
Watermelon meets Strawberry to create this flavorsome, coconut infused, beachy flavor
Wild Cherry Hawaiian Dream Melon Overload
A tropical dream!  Sweet and citrus filled pineapple, fresh cracked coconut, and just a slight hint of banana combine for this fruit smoothie that will leave you longing for the beach! Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew and some secret melons and fruits combine for the most delicious melon blend you will ever taste!!!
Big Papa Paya Bloody Orange Piwi Cream
Fresh Juicy Papaya! A house favorite for many of our customers and staff alike. Big Papa Paya packs a ton of flavor without being too sweet or overpowering which makes it the perfect all day vape!

(On a side note it seems to be a great flavor that works well for those trying to get off of strong cinnamon flavors.)
Who loves orange soda???  Slightly sweet, but not overpowering. A strong citrus orange punch followed by a slightly sweet finish Peach, Kiwi, and cream blend together perfectly for this smooth semi sweet vape.
Ambrosia Cherry Lollipop Dragon's Blood
Pineapple, Coconut, with a Cherry on the top! Everyones favorite cherry treat
A mythical combination of sweet and tart blackberries crushed together with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries
Monkey Berries Plum Delicious Blueberry Blast
A refreshing strawberry banana smoothie! A semi sweet plum flavor that makes a great all day vape Get ready for a Blast of Amazing Blueberry!