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RY4 Ry4 Menthool Tabaccy
A smooth light tobacco with a just a hint of sweet. A smooth light tobacco with a strong menthol kick.
A well balanced medium tobacco that will make you want to trade out those stinky cigs you have been smoking, and upgrade to the Barn Brewed alternative!
My4 My4 Menthol Blackjack Tobacco
A smooth, slightly lighter version of RY4 A smooth tobacco flavor with medium menthol. A fuller pipe tobacco with just a hint of sweet vanilla and cherry.
Caramel Tobacco Cowboys and Indians Earthy Menthol
Earthy Tobacco Honeysuckle American Red Tobacco
A slightly more robust tobacco for you full flavor smokers ready to make the switch
A traditional American Red Tobacco, for those who enjoy a pure tobacco taste.
Texas Red Tobacco Black & Blue Classic Tobacco
A BOLD American Red Tobacco, for those who enjoy a BOLD tobacco taste.  Everything is bigger in Texas, so we figured why not our Tobacco?? Introducing Texas Red, a ramped up version of our American Red A delicious blend of fresh Blueberries & Blackberries combine for a great all day vape that won't grow old A smooth tobacco with more of a classic mild taste. Think more of a Classic American Silver tobacco.
Ice Menthol Winter Ice Menthol Tobacco
A fairly strong cooling sensation makes this the perfect choice for the vapor who enjoys both the feeling and taste they get from a menthol, but without the tobacco taste. A refreshing minty wintergreen.  True wintergreen taste with a delightful cooling menthol feeling.  Perfect vape for those who enjoy the feeling of a menthol, but don't necessarily like the taste of tobacco or even a true menthol. A full flavored menthol tobacco with a great balance of a traditional tobacco and strong menthol.
Sweet Caroline's RY4
Rich tobacco blended with a touch of caramel and vanilla bring a modest sweetness to this delicious tobacco flavor.